Unbounded Mobility for Arriva with glimble and Abillity®

28 July 2022 Billing Rating

In a changing world, adaptation is key. Arriva understands this well and, with its new platform ‘glimble,’ responds to the complex and hybrid offering of public and shared transport. By seamlessly managing the financial settlement for business travelers through Abillity®, an integrated environment is created, fully catering to the traveler’s needs.

Mobility as a Service

To make the use of alternative transportation more appealing, Arriva developed the free travel app ‘glimble.’ The glimble app allows planning and payment for door-to-door trips, combining various modes of transportation. The choice lies with the traveler, based on weather conditions or the travel destination. Travelers receive QR codes as their travel tickets, which also grant access through the gates in public transport.

Martijn van de Weijer, Director of glimble: ‘As glimble, we aim to ease our customers’ experiences, whether they’re individual travelers or employees traveling with glimble on behalf of their employers. The payment process is part of that convenience, and FIQAS supports us in this regard for our business users.’

FIQAS takes charge of the invoicing process, ensuring that applicable rates, potential discounts, and subscriptions are accurately processed into clear and correct invoices for business users. Utilizing the travel information generated by glimble, Abillity® generates the right (customer) invoices, including specifications of the used carriers and pricing.

Gonnie van Haarlem, Customer Ambassador at FIQAS: ‘Together with our colleagues at glimble, we’ve mapped out the pricing and invoicing process and subsequently set it up in Abillity®. As a Customer Ambassador, I am responsible for safeguarding our clients’ wishes and requirements. This means that during the implementation phase and beyond, I am the primary contact for the client. This ensures that Abillity® seamlessly aligns and continues to align with specific processes and systems.’

About Arriva

Arriva is a leading provider of passenger transport in Europe, with approximately 40,000 employees and around 1.2 billion passenger journeys in 13 European countries. They are part of Deutsche Bahn (DB), one of the world’s largest companies in passenger transport and logistics. Proudly connecting people and communities in a safe, reliable, and sustainable manner with buses, trains, coaches, trams, water buses, car and bike sharing systems, and on-demand transportation solutions, Arriva strives to deliver these services better every day.


Since 1989, FIQAS has supported organisations in their invoicing processes, specializing in executing complex and extensive payment processes. From processing transactions and rating to actual invoicing and collecting invoices, regardless of the organisation’s type or sector. FIQAS processes over a billion transactions monthly, generates millions of invoices, and sends tens of thousands of reminders. It’s no wonder that several reputable companies from around the world choose the knowledge and expertise of FIQAS and its Abillity® platform.

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New EU waste charge directive flawlessly integrated into Abillity®

The European Union has introduced a new directive aimed at reducing marine pollution from ship waste. With the rating module of Abillity®, the Port of Rotterdam can effortlessly handle this change.

New SEPA file format ‘SEPA XML’ now available in Abillity®

As of 23 November 2025, it is mandatory to add address details in a structured format to bulk payments and direct debit batches. To facilitate this, a new file format (SEPA XML version 2019) has been made available. Our Abillity® platform already supports this new file format.

Secure Outsourcing of Processes with Abillity®: Confirmed According to ISAE 3402 Type II Standards!

With the ISAE3402 type II certificate you have the assurance that outsourced processes are carried out effectively and securely. Our Abillity® platform holds this certification, and once again, zero findings were identified in the past year!