FIQAS en eBay Classifieds Group

eBay Classifieds Group, the world’s number one in online classified ads, helps people find whatever they’re looking for in their local communities. eBay helps make a difference by creating a world where people share more and waste less. eBay has eleven brands that span the globe.

In FIQAS, eBay has found a flexible and constructive partner who takes care of the centralized billing and first phase collection in an outsourced model, for a variety of labels, product types and revenue streams in different countries.

In this managed service, FIQAS manages the weekly, monthly and ad-hoc billing processes, monitors and processes the payments, executes the sub-ledger reconciliation, and executes the complete debtor administration, including the dunning process.

Advice and monitoring of the dunning process for the structural reduction of DSO are also part of FIQAS’s service. FIQAS also provides complete financial reports as a basis for eBay’s SAP system.

FIQAS provides this managed service for eBay CG’s brands Marktplaats (Netherlands), Kijiji (Canada, Italy), Gumtree (Australia, South Africa, Poland), AlaMaula (Argentina), eBay Kleinanzeigen (Germany, Austria) and (Belgium).

The FIQAS service for eBay Classifieds Group is subjected to a yearly ISAE 3402 certification. The ISAE 3402 certificate not only confirms that a sound management plan is in place for the processes outsourced to FIQAS (ISAE 3402 report Type 1), but also that FIQAS has full control over the execution of these crucial business processes (ISAE 3402 report Type 2). In addition, FIQAS undergoes a SOX audit twice a year.

The FIQAS solution is made available in Abillity®, in one centrally controlled set-up as a blueprint for all (international) billing streams. The set-up offers an integrated end-to-end solution for the entire ‘collection to collection’ flow with maximum web-based access to the current status of invoices. The services provided by FIQAS help eBay achieve a structural DSO reduction.

The implementation and service plans for all eBay Classifieds brands are based on the same global blueprint, yet they all have to comply with specific local requirements and regulations. Below are some examples.


Netherland’s #1 Classifieds Site

Marktplaats is the most popular classifieds website in the Netherlands with an ever growing customer base of consumers as well as small and medium sized businesses. Every day, Marktplaats is visited by more than 2,1 million people. Together they buy and sell a wide range of new and used products and services.

Among other things, Marktplaats is working with credits purchased by the final customer. The customer invoice reflects the settlement of transactions with the credit. When the credit is exceeded, the excess is invoiced as well. On the next invoice a credit residual or a newly purchased credit will be settled for new transactions. This set-up reduces the number of payment instances.


Leading classifieds sites in Canada and Italy

Kijiji is an online village, connecting people with their neighbors and offering them a free, easy and fun way to buy and sell and find apartments, jobs and services on a local level. With an easy-to-use format and an amazing variety of local ads, Kijiji is a unique community where everyone is committed to sharing more and wasting less.

The complexity that the FIQAS solution for Kijiji caters for is in the multi-layered sales tax regulations in Canada. Depending on the province, one or more types of sales taxes are levied by the province or federal government (PST, QST, GST, HST). FIQAS enables Kijiji to offer its customers invoices that fully comply with these complex VAT regulations.


Local Classifieds in Germany

eBay Kleinanzeigen is an ideal format for those users who are looking for a simple, local online classifieds experience. Customers do not need to register and can place an ad in less than two minutes. With over 17 million visitors each month, eBay Kleinanzeigen is one of Germany’s best visited websites. More than two thirds of visits are made from mobile devices.

eBay Kleinanzeigen users are billed on the basis of online digital invoicing (ODI). For eBay Kleinanzeigen, FIQAS produces more than 150,000 invoices per month.


U.K., Australia, Singapore and South Africa’s #1 Classifieds Site

The Gumtree brand is the leading classifieds site in the U.K., Australia, South Africa and Singapore. Gumtree is also present in Ireland and Poland – a truly global success story. Gumtree brings together millions of buyers and sellers to create thousands of success stories every day. In the UK alone, Gumtree welcomes nearly one in 5 online adults every month, and is in the top 35 UK websites.

For Gumtree, FIQAS processes hundreds of thousands of invoices and payments every year.


A Fast Growing Local Classifieds Site in Argentina

alaMaula was founded in 2009 as a local and free online classifieds site in Argentina that connects people in their communities to exchange goods, services, cars and more.

Billing for alaMaula is e-invoicing only. For fraud prevention, each invoice has to be approved by the Argentinean tax authority (AFIP) before it can be sent to the end customer. FIQAS enables this.


Belgium’s #1 Classifieds Sites and is the Belgian market leader in online classifieds with more than 6.4 million monthly unique visitors and more than 4 million listings. Anything second hand you can imagine is for sale at the biggest and most popular online market in Belgium. 

Users of and will naturally receive their invoices in their language of choice: Dutch or French.

Worldwide billing and collection, just like eBay Classifieds Group?

Is your service proposition similar to that of eBay Classifieds Group? Do you have billing and collection processes or large numbers of invoices for labels in multiple countries? Let us convince you of our approach and software, contact us for a proposal now.

What made eBay Classifieds Group select FIQAS ?

  • Integrated billing and collection, whereby all products and services are billed/collected from 1 central application.
  • Billing and collection solution seemlessly integrated into the existing eBay Classifieds Group set-up and processes.
  • Processes for new labels and countries can easily be implemented on the same blueprint.
  • Quality and continuity guaranteed by our team of experienced billing managers, at a limited investment.

FIQAS and eBay Classifieds Group

  • eBay Classifieds Group are the world leader in online classifieds, with twelve brands that span the globe.
  • FIQAS provides a managed first phase collection service (invoice generation and distribution, payment collection and dunning process) for eBay CG’s brands Marktplaats (Netherlands), Kijiji (Canada), Gumtree (Australia), AlaMaula (Argentina), eBay Kleinanzeigen (Germany/Austria).