For billing FIQAS uses the Abillity® software platform. Abillity® supports any type of billing. Invoices are drawn up according to your specific needs and have a layout in your corporate style. They always adhere to the (European) legal requirements.

Billing. Software from FIQAS supports any type of invoicing.

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  • Very low cost per invoice
  • FIQAS can source your entire billing process
  • Fully integrated in your complex system landscape
  • Rapid processing and unlimited scalability

Billing from invoice line to invoice

In the billing process invoice lines are processed into invoices. Based on non-billed usage products and subscriptions the Abillity® invoicing module aggregates usage in the desired groups (call types or usage types) and determines which products and (parts of) subscriptions are eligible for billing. Invoicing concerns debit and credit invoicing, as well as combinations thereof. Within the billing process the correct VAT scheme is applied.

During a billing run you will receive an invoice report, enabling you to verify the invoicing process as a whole. Sample invoices are supplied for verification as well. Once you have approved the billing run, invoices are generated and distributed. All underlying data (usage, products and subscriptions) are frozen, and can no longer be modified or used in other billing processes. The result: a correct and verifiable invoice. If an error is detected during this process, such as wrong rates at customer level, the billing and possibly the pricing will be reversed and – after error recovery – run again.

Invoices: formatting & distribution

The invoice data are presented in an invoice layout that meets your needs and the requirements of national and European legislators, in combination with data reports and an export.

Bills are printed on paper (hard copy), or made available in PDF or HTML (softcopy), as e-invoice (UBL 2.0) or in a variety of formats for printing houses (CSV, XML, etc.). The distribution of invoices takes place in an automated process, by mail, e-mail, SFTP or API calls. All billable entities can be enriched with a general ledger code. For every ledger revenues can be determined and exported to a financial system.

Invoices and the underlying usage can be made available to your customers through the Abillity®.Web portal.

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