FIQAS en Kliksafe

FIQAS and is a reliable, affordable and innovative provider of internet, telephone and television in the Netherlands. FIQAS provides a managed service for the rating of Online’s telephone usage, using its own Abillity® billing platform. is a reliable, affordable and innovative provider of internet, telephone and television in the Netherlands. A provider that enables interactive television on all devices and who believes that fast internet and easy calling should be available to everyone. That’s why Online offers a range of flexible subscriptions, that match every family situation. In brief, “more fun for less money“. started  as Euronet in 1993 and is, like Canal Digitaal, part of M7 Group SA.

FIQAS provides a managed service for the rating of Online’s telephone usage. To this end, FIQAS uses the off-the-shelf Abillity® billing platform, that has been configured for Online’s specific processes.

For and telecom providers in general, the rating process is a crucial part of the order-to-cash process. In the rating process, usage transactions, usually in very large numbers, are priced based on complex calculation rules.

The process provided by FIQAS for consists of a number of steps. By means of an API, Online customers, connections and price plans are added, modified and terminated in Abillity®. Online uses a Teleo switch for telephone traffic. The call data generated by the switch (raw CDRs) are retrieved by FIQAS from a secure FTP in an automated process. In the rating process, a price is then calculated for each CDR, based on various price plans, bundles with add-ons (such as Bellen Onbeperkt Nederland, Bellen Wereld, Bellen Europa) and COIN data.

In a monthly process, the rated CDR’s and customer references are exported to Online, that takes care of the invoicing in its own systems. Online receives a daily high usage report for fraud prevention.

Successful rating, just like ?

Is your proposition somewhat similar to that of Do you have large numbers of usage transactions that need to be priced in an efficient and flawless process? Let us convince you of our approach, contact us for a proposal now.

What made select FIQAS ?

  • One coherent rating process for several usage streams, in a solution without bespoke software
  • Generic financial solution, integrated in Online’s order-to-cash process
  • 100% reliable partner, enabling Online to invoice their customers correctly and transparently