FIQAS Software B.V. has added a new module to its advanced billing and collection platform Abillity®. Thanks to the FIQAS AlwaysOn architecture this module can be employed for the payment of services or goods from a credit. Such a solution requires data to be available and up-to-date at all times.

Providers increasingly wish to offer their customers the possibility to pay their orders from a credit, such as a chip card. It reduces debtor risk and it adds convenience for the customer. For an optimal customer experience it is crucial that the credits are always available and accurate. When a credit balance is not available real-time, or not available at all, a customer may either overspend or, even worse, not be able to buy the service because the credit balance cannot be verified.

Abillity®, the billing and collection platform made by FIQAS now offers, next to the more ‘traditional’ billing mechanisms within the platform, the possibility to register and manage these credit balances, and use them to initiate payments.

The FIQAS solution consists of a dedicated Abillity® module based on the FIQAS AlwaysOn architecture. This module intelligently uses the possibilities and services of a renowned provider of cloud-services, such as redundancy, multiple points of entry and security. In addition the module’s design excludes factors requiring maintenance. This makes the module a solid platform for the administration of credit balances and the services purchased with them, with hardly any down time or maintenance slots.

The module is fully integrated in the Abillity® system, so credit balances, payments and transactions are available to other processes as well.

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