Telfort successfully outsources the billing of its fibre services to FIQAS Software. To this end the Aalsmeer based rating, billing and collections specialist provides a professionally ‘managed service’ in which the rating and billing of Telfort’s internet services, VoIP telephony, digital television and Video on Demand is managed by a team of experienced billing managers. Soon the number of Telfort customers invoiced through the FIQAS services will increase by close to half a million when xDSL customers are added.

The FIQAS managed service for Telfort started end of 2013 after a quick and successful implementation project. Since then the number of invoices generated each month has grown significantly. Shortly Telfort will activate nearly 500 thousand additional customers on the FIQAS platform. These are xDSL customers who will be migrated from a legacy platform to FIQAS’ scalable billing platform.For its Managed Service for Telfort FIQAS employs its versatile Abillity® software platform. By means of open interfaces Abillity® seamlessly integrates with Telfort’s and KPN’s infrastructure, where it is a vital link between the CRM and financial systems. The system supports the automated, continuous processing of usage data. Invoicing processes for Telfort are run daily for an optimal revenue spread and a balanced invoice related workload for the customer service department. During processing FIQAS monitors high usage, and if necessary escalates to Telfort. Customers of Telfort receive a convergent digital invoice, covering all services taken from Telfort.

Telfort are pleased with the managed services provided by FIQAS. Pieter Hogeweg, Manager Innovatie & Ketenbesturing for Telfort at KPN:

“FIQAS has proven to be a partner that delivers continued quality in the invoicing of large numbers of customers. This reduces the operational stress whilst we can manage and monitor the entire process with FIQAS. Our customers can rely on bills that are 100% accurate and transparent. Having our back-office processes under control, we can focus on achieving our front end service aspirations.”

Rob Geleijn, Managing Director of FIQAS, is proud to have Telfort as a customer:

“We are happy with the trust that is expressed by adding this additional customer base to our billing solution for Telfort. The cooperation with Telfort on the operational level is excellent, and from a technical point of views there is a good match between the solutions used at Telfort and FIQAS. The efficiency across the chain of processing contributes to a proposition that is attractive for both parties, for growing volumes. This growth step is a proof of that.”

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