Port of Rotterdam Authority selects port fees system from FIQAS

After a European tender procedure, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has contracted FIQAS Software as supplier of the port fees billing system. With the PortAbillity® solution of FIQAS, port visits are translated into electronic port call reports in a fully automated, real-time process. After a validation by the port authority, call reports are directly transformed into invoices. The contract between the Port of Rotterdam Authority and FIQAS was signed on the 22th of October. The port dues solution will be operational in Q1, 2019.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is responsible for the activities in the largest port in Europe. Approximately 30,000 seagoing vessels and 100,000 inland vessels arrive every year. Port fees, the costs with regard to port calls, are the Port Authority’s main source of revenue. Port fees also offer a means to put focus on, for example, environmental aspects, commercial attractiveness or the optimal use of port-infrastructure.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority strives for an efficient and reliable process that focuses on the customer. To effectuate an improvement in these areas, the Port Authority issued a European tender for a port dues system that in the long term has to support all aspects of port fees. All due costs related to a port call are included: port fees, quay, buoy and dolphin dues, disposal of waste materials and inland harbor dues. After the tender, the Port of Rotterdam Authority granted the assignment to FIQAS, the experienced specialist in rating, billing and collection solutions for businesses with complex processes and substantial data volumes.

The new port dues system supplied by FIQAS is named ‘PortAbillity®.’ This solution consists of a web-based portal for visit reports, that communicates with modules of the proven, off-the-shelf billing-platform Abillity®. The solution relates to the process of collecting and completing data, validation and rating, applying discounts, up to and including the invoicing, presentation and reporting.

The PortAbillity® system is planned to go into operation in Q1 of 2019. The Port of Rotterdam Authority and FIQAS are looking forward to a successful and long-term collaboration.

Paul Smits, CFO Port of Rotterdam Authority; ‘’The new port dues system makes the process of port call reports and the validation of them considerably more user-friendly for our customers. The added value for the Port Authority itself lies in the greater efficiency of internal procedures, as well as comprehensive and better management information. With the FIQAS system, the invoicing of port dues will be a highly automated and real-time process with a central role for Customer Self Care.’’

Rob Geleijn, CEO FIQAS Software: “We are very proud that we can carry out this challenging assignment. Our work here does not consist in system replacement, but in redesigning the port dues process in close cooperation with the Port Authority. The final result is user-friendly and financially solid functionality. This offers FIQAS the opportunity to enter into a new market with PortAbillity® over time. With this beautiful perspective, we will continue to dedicate our energy to our ‘dock work’!

More info? Erik Henselmans / +31(0)6 13135273 / erik.henselmans@fiqas.nl.

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