Abillity®, the rating, billing and collection platform from FIQAS generates invoices in a variety of digital formats. It also creates billing details for processing in the financial systems of the FIQAS customers. This data is increasingly provided in formats according to the UBL standard.

UBL invoices are increasingly offerd in the UBL 2.0 format. The UBL standard prescribes the definitions of the digital invoice. The principle of UBL invoices is that the invoice content is presented in a standard file format, that enables automated processing. The UBL-standard is a well-known standard used across the globe.

For Abillity® the UBL-invoice is just one of formats in which invoices and invoice information are provided. Next to or in addition to UBL 2.0 for example XML, CSV and sometimes even TXT. This flexibility ensures invoices and invoice information from Abillity® are made available in a way that best fits the requirements of the FIQAS customers. Providing the invoices or invoice information in UBL helps the FIQAS customers – either the direct FIQAS customer or the end-customer – to book and pay their invoices in an automated process.

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